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Plenty-Bio is a cost Controller and Profit Gainer.


  • Selective probiotics and enzymes added with natural organic stimulants. Lactic acid producing probiotic strains produces various biologically active compounds such as antimicrobial substances (Bacteriocins, reuterin and nisin etc.) and other important bioactive molecules like short chain volatile fatty acids, organic acids etc., these molecules are most important in controlling various types of pathogens with different mode of actions. In addition, the LAB strains can produce many growth promoting nutrients like Vitamins, enzymes, amino acids etc. These molecules will play an important role in animal's growth by involves in their regular metabolisms. "PLENTY-BIO" is a biologically formulation acts as a disease preventer, immunomodulator, feed cost saver, growth promoter & performance enhancer.
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  • It works as a disease preventer, FCR improver and Performance enhancer As a substitute of AGP's and antibiotics in the feed formulation .
  • It is having strong antimicrobial properties, works against known and unknown infections/diseases in poultry
  • It improves gut health, also it effectively works against gut pathogens like- E. coli, Salmonella sp. etc.
  • It controls the proliferation of pathogens and its adverse effects in the gut It improves feed digestion and nutrient absorption It saves the feed cost and increase the body weight rapidly in commercial broilers Helps to improve meat quality and the carcass yield.
  • It optimizes egg production with better egg quality in commercial layers and breeders.
  • Improves survival rate and reduces mortality.
  • It helps to minimise the usage of AGP's and antibiotics in poultry industry.
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